TuesdayReflection:When Thoughts And Actions Move Through Water

St Stevens Green,Dublin©2013 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

This week the astrological influences are powerful in that there is a lot of water (piscean) energy.  Mars moved in Pisces on Friday evening and Mercury moved in Pisces this morning.

When personal planets like Mars and Mercury move into the same sign within a few days of each other,  there is something to pay attention to. Mars is a fiery sign, a fiery energy in its natural state which helps us take action and concretize what we think and feel.

In a water sign this drive to act may be tampered because water puts out fire at an elemental level, and yet on the other hand this action may be an inspired one because of the greater sensitivity.

Mars met with Neptune yesterday for the first time since Neptune moved into Pisces last year on Feb 3rd, 2012.  One way to look at this is to think  back to last February and what themes were prominent in your life. Did you have a big vision? did you have some ideas that seemed too big at the time or too far “out there” and perhaps have not come to any fruition yet?

With Mars touching and activating that Neptunian influence, now it may be the time that you get to build a foundation for these ideas. Or, a missing piece may come together. Especially if you are a creative individual and work in any kind of creative art outlet this may be an incredible time for manifestation.

Mercury steps into this piscean energy today and will have the same encounter with Neptune tomorrow. One way to work with this is by allowing time to meditate, day dream and journal, becoming thus receptive  to a different kind of impressions. Moreover, because Mercury will be staying in Pisces for almost two months due to its retrograde motion, it will be worthwhile noticing what these first few days bring up for you.

Something to be aware of, especially if you have a strong water influence in your natal chart, is that because there is greater sensitivity and receptivity, things and emotions may be overwhelming.  If this becomes the case, reach out to your support system and ask for a reality check; or, focus your energy on a creative project or go out for a long walk.  Above all, be mindful of wanting to “withdraw” or  “drown” your feelings into any addictive substance.

Overall this week is an incredible opportunity to work on creative ideas, to find what inspires you in your personal life and work, and how or what you do with this kind of inspiration. Take some time to be quiet and notice what draws your attention,  in any arena, as we move into the New Moon cycle over the weekend.


To find out more about your natal chart and how this piscean influence may play out, please visit my website.

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