TuesdayReflection: Walking On Water

Dublin,IE©2013 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

We are still under the strong influence of the water element and personal planets in Pisces.

The image that came to mind this morning was the one of walking on water. The power of controlling our fears that any moment now we will sink and instead hold the mind steady on walking peacefully and effortlessly across the seas.

There is definitely something to be said about so many planets being in Pisces at this time, as we haven’t had such a gathering for a long time. And yes, it can be very overwhelming as it may also be a unique opportunity.

An opportunity to become aware of how much we may be influenced and controlled by our emotions, primarily fears, inner turmoil and desperation. And, to start cultivating the observer, “the steady mind that will take us safe across the seas”. Not an easy task but possible with self reflection, support and creative outlets.

As we move towards a Full Moon in Virgo next Monday and the Sun amidst Chiron, Neptune, Mercury and Venus all in powerful Pisces, take some time for yourself.

Tune in to what elevates your spirit, what inspires you, what brings you out of the darkness of human existence.  If you are already elevated beyond discussion,  take it a step deeper and tune in to what the calling in your heart is.  Whom you are called to help, to inspire, to educate, to love.

Record your thoughts, your dreams, your impulses. These days are unique for they lead to more self-knowledge and responsibility, more fulfillment. Make the most of it!


To find out more about your natal chart and how you can navigate through these times, please contact me. 


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