New Moon In Pisces: The Threshold From Vision To Action

Happy New Moon!

This is the last lunation of the astrological year, as the new one begins with the Sun’s transition into Aries on March 20th. It has been an intense time emotionally for many people with the personal planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars – gathered in Pisces for a longer period than usual.  Perhaps you don’t feel the same person you were a month ago, when this water costume party started.

There are a couple of themes that draw my attention at this time:

First of all, this New Moon in Pisces is very close to Venus on one side, and touching fleeting Mars (who is entering Aries in a few hours) on the other.   Mars is our driving assertive force, however in Pisces this may be a little more emotionally driven or tampered, losing perspective of the greater picture. Venus represents our values and the beauty of wishes and dreams we hold in our hearts. With Neptune, also in Pisces, there is a greater sensitivity and a sense of compassion that comes through when one is aligned with core values and self-respect.

Great questions to reflect on may be “how do you assert yourself while staying centered in your values and inner knowing?”

“How do you communicate these values with grace and a listening heart, while intending for a greater healing to occur with oneself/other?” (Mercury side by side with Chiron and Neptune, both in Pisces).

Lastly, “What is the vision you hold for this world and your place in it? How do you communicate and actively move towards it, even if  you don’t know how everything may unfold? Will you take a stand for it?”

In the movie “Pay It Forward” which I highly recommend watching, this last question is prominent.   A  12-year old boy has a great idea towards creating  the world he wants to live in. But because things don’t turn out as initially planned or certain people don’t change in the way he thought, he feels there is no impact. He is very disappointed that his vision failed.  In reality though what he started, has rippled effects and causes a movement of “paying it forward” beyond anyone could ever imagine.

As this New Moon makes its way through, take a moment to gather what you have learned over the last month or so.  Reflect on what you want to create and how you envision your life and the world we all share to be. Soon you will be given the opportunity to put everything in motion and make this vision come true.


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