New Moon in Aries: Glorious New Beginnings

Marialena Fernandes & Ranko Markovic-Austrian Embassy,Washington DC 2013

This is the first New Moon in the astrological year and contains a special blessing from Venus and Mars, as they all unite (conjuct) in Aries.  This special touch,  initiates energetically a new cycle of relating with oneself, with another and the world at large.

Venus represents beauty, romance, our values, ideals, self-worth and self-respect.  Mars represents initiative, action and how we set forth on what we want, as well as passionate intensity (especially in Aries) including aggressiveness and anger.

For example, what do you do to establish your boundaries out of self-respect? Do you scream, withdraw, or communicate with compassion and honesty? How do you reach for your dreams and what you hold as ideal in your heart? Do you take action or do you secretly imagine how it could be? How do you ask for a raise or, if you are an entrepreneur, how do you stay firm and charge what you want to be paid?

At another level, Venus and Mars also represent our feminine and masculine energy and how the two integrate first within oneself, and then in cooperation with another.

A beautiful example to illustrate this:

The other day I attended a piano concert at the Austrian Embassy in Washington DC with Marialena Fernandes and Ranko Markovich. A very elegant and beautiful couple that performed Austrian compositions on piano for two (or piano four hands).

Towards the end of the concert, after playing a symphony which was initially written for 15 different instruments but was rendered in a composition for the duo, Marialena shared a few words.

She expressed the difficulty as a composer, pianist and teacher to interpret such symphonies which were written for multiple instruments. And yet, she also acknowledged the great beauty and inspiration that emerges through the exploration of such a feat.

She talked about the coordination, respect and allowance each other (her and her partner) must have in order to allow that exploration on the keyboard to happen. “Exploring how this may play out as I am not allowed to the far left side of the piano and I can only play up to this far right side of the piano. How may all come together for this piece of beauty. This is always the challenge and yet the possibilities are infinite as we come together, with curiosity, to attempt interpreting a masterpiece.

So as we experience this energetic shift at the beginning of the astrological year, we are given a couple of opportunities. First of all, we can establish how we want to feel, be and relate both to our inner as well as to the outer world.  Then we can explore our relationships, intimate and other, with such curiosity and openness that what emerges is a masterpiece.

This is the signature of the New Moon; we get to set the rules and create the life and relationships we want at all levels.

Have a great one!


More information on Visionary Astrology.

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