Taurus Full Moon Festival, Wesak And the Blessing of Waters

Welcome to Wesak, the Full Moon Festival of Taurus! A powerful day that is celebrated throughout the world for its spiritual significance.

During this specific lunation the Sun in Taurus sits side by side with both Venus and Mars, while the Moon in Scorpio is alongside Saturn. I have been observing the week and the themes that have been unfolding.  Yes, there is tension; after all we are under the influence of a 5-day Full Moon period when the emotions are agitated no matter whether there is a Mars influence or not. There is also a lot of busyness, which keeps one from focusing on what is essential and a priority.

The energetic polarities we are working with for the whole week have to do with attachment to “form” on one hand and with letting go of the “form” on the other.  Taurus is an earth sign that loves earthy goods of all kinds, be it a beautiful home, car, clothes, stuff.  Sometimes it can focus so much in the acquisition of things and the final picture that forgets to enjoy the journey along the way.

On the other hand, we have Scorpio, a water sign with a deep raw energy. It tends to learn about the journey as it detaches from the very things that Taurus attaches to. Please keep in mind that when I speak about attachment it is not only to physical or consumer things.  It has to do with expectations,  other peoples’ opinions, values, “shoulds” and ‘musts”.

For example, you may be organizing a project with a specific end result in mind. However, you may be so caught up putting it together that you don’t hear or pay attention to feedback that comes along the way. This feedback may be crucial for making adjustments or allowing room for additional things to emerge.

Moreover, the Moon and Saturn with an extra pressure from the Eclipse (yes, there is also a lunar eclipse going on!) are asking us to let go of past due attitudes, attachments, behaviors, etc. The main way you can navigate such an energetic pull is through stillness and quiet time; through taking a long walk or going to the gym when pressure builds up,  or doodling and journaling  when you feel stuck. Or, simply through pausing and taking a deep breath…

With all New and Full Moon events, it is a great opportunity to observe and learn more about yourself as well as your immediate environment. It is a time to allow space for new insights to come in as well as for what needs to be let go of which does not serve you any more.

Pay attention to your dreams and  what themes keep repeating. Journal about them. More important, pay attention to what inspires you and be willing to be surprised.

Below is  a short video that describes what the Wesak Festival is about and what unfolds during the exact time of the Full Moon.


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