FridayReflection: Welcoming The Light & The Summer Solstice

Oregon Coast©2013 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

Happy Summer Solstice!

Many years ago, I remember in late June being on the island of Ios at Mylopotas beach. At the time, Mylopotas was the main popular beach with a crowded camping site and two beach bars that were open 24-7.  All in all a big time party place!.

While sitting one late afternoon playing backgammon with some Australians, a group of white dressed folks, 3 girls and 2 boys, drew my attention.  They were singing and dancing around a maypole, clearly knowing what they were doing.  After a while they run to the water, singing, playing, diving, swimming, continuing their celebration.

The scene made such an impression on me because they were not just drunk, which could have been the absolute case, but they were on to something. A little later that night while sitting around a bonfire, I found out they were Swedish and this was their way of celebrating the Summer Solstice.

Today we are celebrating the same event, even if away from such a splendid scenery, when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer. We  experience the longest day of the year, a signpost along the annual rhythm and change of seasons.

The keynote for the sign of Cancer is “I build a lighted house and there-in dwell”. This phrase is best understood through self-reflection however because of the powerful current astrology and the Full Moon just two days away, I would like to offer a couple of ideas:

A “lighted house” is what we build through our values, beliefs, desires, thoughts, words and actions.  What we tune into either adds more light or more darkness, and it is up to us to choose.  As we move thus towards the Full Moon, a time when we notice endings and what is completed and must let go of, take a moment to reflect on the light and darkness aspect.

Where in your life, in what area do you experience more joy, freedom, expansion and where the opposite? When do you choose according to your values and what you believe in your heart, and when do you compromise, doing what is expected or suggested to you?

Observe, note your thoughts and declare what you wish you want to bring more light into. Let it be so!


Explore further your unique astrological blueprint.

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