TuesdayReflection: Sailing Through The Water Trines

Richmond Beach,WA©2013 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

While at the gym and trying to avoid looking at the TV screens, a couple of news caught my attention.

On one screen, Jim Carrey was announcing that he wouldn’t promote his latest movie which was made a week or so before the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, because he was not comfortable with the level of violence.

On the screen adjacent, it was reported that Edward Snowden, the “NSA Leaker”, had not being on the plane he was supposed to be that morning, on his route to find political asylum.

What occurred to me at that moment was that these two people who are getting a lot of attention right now,  have something in common.  They both stood up for what they believed is not honest and right for the world. No matter what the politics or other agendas, they are two courageous examples who choose to do something different even if there may be repercussions.

This is an excellent example of the current astrological signature.  Since the beginning of June we have been moving through Water Trines and an energetic imprint that many of us will not experience again in this life time. That’s big!

What I am observing is that for certain people who cannot handle so much emotionality, or are not in touch with who they are and their core,  this intensity may manifest as losing one’s direction, or falling into erratic and aggressive behaviors.  For others, there may be an inner conflict between what they wish for their life and world to be like and what is the current reality. They may decide that they had enough with compromising their values and choose to stand up and declare what they believe in, no matter what the ramifications.

Everyone is influenced by this astrological signature, whether consciously aware of it or not.  I believe that in times like this, it is imperative to have a spiritual practice in whatever form works for you, so that you have your own lifeboat to sail along the beautiful waters.  And, if you know where in your chart this influence takes place, you will have a better understanding of how to manage your boat.

As you go through the rest of this week and the new month, observe your environment, your friends, your co-workers. Observe your feelings and reaction/response to what is happening around you, and take notes.  This is an opportune time for growth at all levels!


Explore your unique astrological blueprint.

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