MondayReflection:Leading with the wind beneath your wings

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Happy Full Moon!

Even though a Full Moon marks a time of completion on projects, ideas, insights, goals we have set at the New Moon prior, this time the lunation feels both as the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.

A few events I attribute to this “new beginning” feeling are, 1) the Sun entered the sign of Leo a couple of hours before the Full Moon event, 2) Mercury stationed direct on Saturday and even though the dust has not settled, there is a moving forward energy, and 3) Venus just entered the sign of Virgo, adding another level to the energetic shift.

Also, all this activity is happening under the influence of the Grand Water Trine of  Mars/Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. There is nothing about endings here but possibly a sense of incorporating all that has been and all that will be, right here, in this moment.

I see today as a threshold that we move into or through it to the next level of our work in the world.

Between today, when the Full Moon takes place in the first degree of the Leo/Aquarius axis and August 20th, when the Full Moon will be at the last degree of the Leo/Aquarius axis, we may learn or become aware of issues and lessons around leadership, heart-centeredness, compassion, joy, inspiration, creativity and self-expression, group collaboration and circles of friends, individuality and cooperation.

There is something about the signature of this day I am trying to wrap my mind around, so bare with me.  Mars/Jupiter give the extra oomph to move forward with authority (Saturn) on what you know to be true in your heart, trusting in the greater plan/spiritual support (Neptune) as you seek to share your gifts (Leo) and make a greater impact in humanity (Aquarius), while living daily life anchored in what is true, just and beautiful (Venus).

Take the time to reflect and notice what emerges for you over the next few weeks; where do you stand when it comes to sharing who you are and your authentic expression; how is your daily life colored by your values and what inspires and lifts you up; notice whom you want to be with, which friends support you and those who drain you; notice what calls you out in the world, what moves you internally so much so that you just want to get out there and tell them what you think!

Have a great one!


Explore further how this activity may be influencing your unique astrological blueprint.


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