TuesdayReflection: Owning Who You Are Inside Out

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Happy New Moon in Leo!

We are coming out of two months of profound shifts in consciousness and daily life, a blessing of the Water Trines. It feels like things start settling down as far as clarity, priorities and focus may be concerned.

This month and the New Moon, will take this inner work and insights to the next level.  Jupiter will be opposing Pluto for the first part of the month and will be squaring Uranus for the rest of August.  Jupiter is calling us to greater courage, authenticity and ingenuity.

Leo is the sign that reminds us how beautiful it is to be centered in the heart, to feel aligned with the Sun (its ruler), and to be appreciated for our gifts and what we bring to the world. Leos are sensitive to ignorance, devaluation and lack of inspiration.

Please remember that we all have Leo influence in our natal chart, we don’t have to be a Leo by sun sign only.

Sometimes Leo’s curiosity reminds me of a little child mesmerized by the world and what she sees around her. However, in her attempt to explore this world she gets reprimanded and even punished for doing something (perceived as) wrong and dangerous. In a child’s mind this act does not make sense, and she can internalize or equate it with something like “freedom/play/self-expression/exploration equals punishment. Why do it then?”

If we bring this kind of wounding (whether consciously or not) in our creative expression and communication with the world as adults, we are not- to a certain degree-whole.  Leo’s ultimate mission is the self-realization of knowing (and owning) who one is, both with the positive and challenging aspects, and from that place lead by example.

In today’s New Moon chart where the Sun and Moon connect at 15 degrees Leo, Chiron (in close trine with Jupiter) brings the opportunity to become aware of any kind of wounding along the lines of self-expression and exploration. Jupiter in Cancer brings a greater sensitivity to the emotional nature and thus, if there is such a pattern that needs to be addressed, its experience may feel quite uncomfortable and challenging.

Jupiter opposing Pluto (death and rebirth) emphasizes the awareness and need to let go of such patterns that unconsciously lead your life, so that more of your essence (Sun) can shine through brightly.

For the next couple of weeks, I encourage you to keep an open mind and heart, to journal your experiences and insights, and to cultivate presence and self-awareness. This is an opportune time to embrace a life and way-of-being anchored in a profound sense of freedom, joy and uncensored self-expression.


Explore further how this activity may be influencing your unique astrological blueprint.

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