TuesdayReflection: Creating What You Want Anew

Rosslyn Castle,Scotland©2013 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

Another powerful Full Moon, the Blue Moon Of Transformation!

Definitely a challenge to write about my reflection on this lunation as it coincides with my spiritual birthday, when the Sun crosses over one’s Ascendant.

This Full Moon on the Leo-Aquarius axis occurs in the last degree of the signs, wrapping up in a way the lessons we have learned since the last Full Moon which occurred in the 1st degree of the signs.

At the time, July 22nd, my post was titled “Leading with the wind beneath your wings” and I wrote “Between today, when the Full Moon takes place in the first degree of the Leo/Aquarius axis and August 20th, when the Full Moon will be at the last degree of the Leo/Aquarius axis, we may learn or become aware of issues and lessons around leadership, heart-centeredness, compassion, joy, inspiration, creativity and self-expression, group collaboration and circles of friends, individuality and cooperation. “

Where do you find yourself with regards to the above topics? What have you learned? What have you come up against?

Pluto and Uranus are big players in this lunation; Pluto, because it has been enforcing the need to clear out whatever patterns are of no use, and Uranus, because it has been waiting for the opportunity to awaken and electrify whatever insight is necessary to make the transition.  A transition to what is the next step in both personal and universal transformation. Remember that we are working with the Leo-Aquarius axis, where the personal and the universal come together, where your experience and mine are similar to others’ experiences across the globe.

The image and concept  I have been working with for the last week or so, has been that of a big canvas erased over and over again, until what is drawn on it is aligned and sustainable for my path and the greater effect this path has on the world.

When Pluto demands change through the death and rebirth process, the effect is one of disorientation and emptiness because there is no point of reference any more to what has already been, to the past. When Uranus strikes on this empty, and yet fertile soil, what awakens is so unique that doubt and fear cripple in. Jupiter contributes to this equation by bestowing courage and vision to what is possible if one can only tune in to what is nourishing, authentic and truthful.

This Full Moon experience transpires through the energetic aspects of the above mentioned planets, Pluto in Capricorn-Uranus in Aries-Jupiter in Cancer, and thus whatever it is we feel, think, intuit we may regard as the road map for what is next. No attachment to the outcome, just a greater trust to one’s own purpose, knowing that who you are and what you are here to do matters.

Take the time through the week to reflect, meditate and record what you notice, what you dream of, what you are attracted to. It is through knowing yourself deeper and better that you get to create anew, no matter what the odds!


Explore further your unique astrological blueprint and how this planetary activity creates opportunities for growth and success.

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