ThursdayReflection: Watering Fertile Soil

Orchard Farms,VA©2013 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

Today we are celebrating the New Moon in Virgo, a brilliant new beginning as daily life seems to be going back to “normal” after the summer vacation.

However, nothing is normal this time around.  We have survived and emerged triumphant from a series of water trines and other astrological events that render a new hue to our experiences.

There are a few aspects that make this lunation special;   first of all, Virgo is an earth sign, capturing the Mother of the World essence.  It is ruled by Mercury, so you have a beautiful active and intelligent mind working out every possible detail, organizing, tending to and taking care of.  Virgo is also ruled by Jupiter who is presently in Cancer, a nurturing energy as well but from a water sign perspective.

The New Moon is opposing Chiron in Pisces and makes aspects to Jupiter in Cancer, and Saturn in Scorpio.  The water element is prominent and perhaps another way to look at this, is that earth (soil) needs water in order to become fertile and flourish.

If you have done your homework this summer and have come to realizations about yourself, your work in this world and the life you want to lead, now is the time to stand on firm ground. To stand on the earth as a conscious co-creator who uses intuition, sensitivity and vision to bring forth what is true, just and beautiful.

We are entering a new cycle, hopefully with a new awareness as well that requires openness, fluidity, and a willingness to be transparent.

Take some time to reflect on what it is you want to nurture, what it is you want to see blossoming in your life, at any level. Write it out, draw it, sing it, give it earthy substance. Then, let go and let it bloom in its own unique way while staying curious and open to its potential form and elegance.



Explore further the opportunities your unique astrological blueprint offers.

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