ThursdayReflection: Let go and welcome what is next

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Happy Full Moon!

The Sun in Virgo opposes the Moon in Pisces today while Venus, Saturn and the North Node meet in Scorpio.

Even though there are many interesting aspects going on, what draws my attention from this lunation is indeed the Venus-Saturn conjunction. It seems as the gateway, the moment of awakening to what is next.

This is further emphasized by the Sun being in the last degrees of Virgo, entering Libra and the Autumn Equinox on Sunday, and Pluto turning direct tomorrow.

Saturn is about authority and inner leadership, beating to one’s own drum, being anchored in the heart and what you know to be true therein.

Venus represents beauty at all levels, the values we hold and adhere to, as well as right relations with one’s self, others and the cosmos. Their coming together in Scorpio, anchors a note of “taking responsibility for what I think, say and do so that what is expressed outward (at all levels) is true, just and beautiful.”

Both planets are in Scorpio, a water sign that asks for a willingness to stay open and in tune (even if  vulnerable and fearful) allowing for the next step to unfold (north node). It also asks you to conquer the emotional tides so that you can both stay connected to your own center and be able to discern with wisdom.

This is a great skill to master- that is, both being aware of the power of your emotions and be able to think and act wisely-which will prove invaluable as we continue our journey through the water element focus for the rest of the year.

A point of reflection could be to reference back to November 25-26, 2012 when Venus and Saturn last joined in Scorpio.  What have you learned or become aware of as far as how you relate in your intimate and other relationships; what have you learned about being your own authority and listening to the still voice within? what have you learned about intimacy, vulnerability and trusting your intuition?

Lastly, because we are still working with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, have you been following your dreams and staying true to your calling?

Have a great one!


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