FridayReflection: Libra New Moon, Let Choice Be Made

Hunter Mill,VA©2013 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

Happy New Moon!

Another cycle begins in the heavens today with the New Moon in Libra. Even though New Moon cycles imply a new beginning, this time it seems as if this new beginning has an innate challenge.

Living currently in the Greater Washington DC area, I find incredible what is happening in the public arena. If not for the politics per se, the fact that there have been two lethal shootings within three weeks period in the nation’s capital, is very telling.

There is apparent irritability and disconnect and I cannot but reflect on how the celestial arrangement manifests in daily life, as above so below.

The New Moon in Libra initiates a cycle where the question of balance and right relationships is to the forefront. Balance is a peculiar state of being because it seems to me that whenever we reach balance, something occurs that disrupts it and we begin anew with another longing towards balance.

What makes this lunation intense is that it is in opposition to Uranus and in square to Pluto.  Uranus is electricity and in Aries it becomes fiery thunderbolt; it strikes creating chaos and it also provides acute insights and understanding. At the same time, Pluto in Capricorn keeps prompting for change and renovation while making it difficult to follow through due to the earthy attachment to what is known and familiar.

When the inner promptings (from the Soul) ask for the next step on the evolutionary path and the personality gets into fear, worry and irritation, the result is tumultuous. That inner struggle and despair can be expressed outwardly (also inwardly) through violence and attack, whether physical or emotional.

And yet, there is a promise with this New Moon; A promise that if we are receptive to the insights we receive of what is true and essential, and we make a courageous choice to embrace a new state of being,  we will be  closer to greater authenticity, presence and fulfillment.

Take the time to meditate, journal and reflect on your dreams, your goals, how you envision your life to be.  If you had all the money, time and energy in the world,  how would you choose to live your life? what would you choose to create? whom would you choose to be?  Trust the answers and let this cycle be a new beginning.


Explore further the opportunities your unique astrological blueprint offers.


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