FridayReflection:Feeling Your Way Through New Potentialities

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Happy Friday!

We are in the middle of a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse, and the best way  to get a perspective of how this may play out,  is to reflect on the time frame of the eclipse season.

Last time we had a Full Moon and a Lunar eclipse was on April 25th, on the Scorpio-Taurus axis. Since the effect of an eclipse lasts about six months and completes a cycle, consider what was going on around that time for you.

Here is an excerpt from the blog post I wrote back in April:

Taurus Full Moon Festival, Wesak And the Blessing of Waters

The energetic polarities we are working with for the whole week have to do with attachment to “form” on one hand and with letting go of the “form” on the other.  Taurus is an earth sign that loves earthy goods of all kinds, be it a beautiful home, car, clothes, stuff.  Sometimes it can focus so much in the acquisition of things and the final picture that forgets to enjoy the journey along the way.

On the other hand, we have Scorpio, a water sign with a deep raw energy. It tends to learn about the journey as it detaches from the very things that Taurus attaches to. Please keep in mind that when I speak about attachment it is not only to physical or consumer things.  It has to do with expectations,  other peoples’ opinions, values, “shoulds” and ‘musts”.

For example, you may be organizing a project with a specific end result in mind. However, you may be so caught up putting it together that you don’t hear or pay attention to feedback that comes along the way. This feedback may be crucial for making adjustments or allowing room for additional things to emerge.

A lot of things have transpired in the last few months, let alone the awareness and knowledge you may have gained about yourself and what you truly want to create in your life.

As we move towards the weekend take the time to reflect on the above notes.  Also, if you started something back then, how has it evolved over time? what has come to an end? what were your intimate relationships like back then and how are they now? Was there a behavioral pattern you became aware of, and how has this unfolded?

The current Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse event is happening on the Aries-Libra axis; the will to initiate on one hand, while aligning this action with what is true, just and beautiful, on the other.

What is in your heart that you long to initiate? Where do you long to be and with what kind of company? What are you done with? Take the time to reflect…


Explore further the opportunities your unique astrological blueprint offers.

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