SundayReflection: Wrapping-up Mercury’s Journey Through Water

Lower Basin, Washington DC©2013 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

This past week has been an interesting one as we had a New Moon on Monday, the transit of Mercury from Scorpio to Sagittarius on Wednesday, and that of Mars from Virgo to Libra on Saturday.

We also had two prominent transitions, those of Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker. Both significant enough to pay attention to even if at a different level.

Mercury finally in a sign other than water, brings a different state of awareness and thinking. For some of you, the mental process  may be specific and clear, for others it may be  neutral and all over the place.

Personally I know that mid way this cycle of Mercury in Scorpio, I was done with it and it didn’t matter whether it was retrograde or not.

With Scorpio energy, we also had other planets in that sign,  and especially if you have prominent aspects of that sign in your chart, there are times when you may feel as if you are sinking deeper and deeper and yet, you may not know what it is you are sinking in.

One way to explore what I am referring to is to go back to your journal or calendar and read what you were thinking and doing, or what was going on, Feb 5-April 12 (Mercury in Pisces), May 31-Aug 7 (Mercury in Cancer) and Sept 29-Dec 3 (Mercury in Scorpio).  See if you can notice any themes or patterns being repeated.

Mercury has to do with how you think, how you process information and how you communicate that information.  In a water element this process may be more emotional, or colored by emotion, and inwardly focused. Or, it may seem as if nothing makes sense, nothing matters. Or, it may feel like no one understands you, and maybe you don’t understand your self either. Or, you may be lost in your thoughts and not being able to articulate them outwardly.  Or, lost in fear and worry thinking about the “what ifs” and feeling paralyzed. Or, you may explore other ways of communicating both inwardly and outwardly, mainly through the creative arts.

I will be writing more about Mars in the next few days, but for now take the time to wrap-up your experience with Mercury’s long journey through the water signs (including retrograde cycles).  We will not be experiencing something similar for a very long time.

Take note of what you have learned about yourself and how far you have come in your awareness (and consciousness shift) since the beginning of 2013.

Have a good week!


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