SundayReflection: Winter Solstice, Venus and…Holidays!

Vienna,VA©2013 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

Yesterday we had the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere which was followed within a few hours from Venus turning retrograde.  In my comments on Facebook I mentioned that it is worth noticing the thoughts, issues, patterns that may arise over the weekend, as it will be material we may be working with over the next 3 months.

Last summer’s water trines activated, to a great extent I believe, our emotional sensitivity not only about how (or how much) we feel in general but also how we want to feel, and perhaps what we may be missing or long for.

Then, in November we had two eclipses and a bundle of planets in Scorpio activating yet another level of our deepest desires, fears and insecurities, while at the same time  a greater depth of the feeling nature, the one that is willing (or almost willing) to express, even if everything is utmost vulnerable.

Now we enter a new cycle initiated by Mars moving into Libra on Dec 7th, and Venus turning retrograde in Capricorn, only a few hours after the Winter Solstice on Dec 21st. Mars and Venus rule to a certain degree our polarities; yin-yang, feminine-masculine, darkness-light, assertiveness-gentleness, pushing forth- allowing.

The Solstice represented the longest night and the shortest day of the year, and now we enter into the shift towards greater light, and love.  We are given the opportunity, having an awareness of our emotional world, to bring it forward and express it. Without holding back, without doubt and fear what others may say.

I can attest that we have had enough of the “what others may say,” and given that it is a charged time of the year because of the Holidays, I would encourage you to be gentle to yourself and honor your feelings and thoughts.

I am also noticing that this year more and more people admit that they feel lonely and/or are alone (whether physically or other),  which indicates a greater opening to sadness and depression.  Coincidentally, this year the emphasis on Christmas shopping has been greater than ever before, given that Thanksgiving was hardly acknowledged and Holiday shopping ads started at the beginning of November, at least here in America.

As we start this Holy week, do your best to take some time to breathe and acknowledge where you are and what you feel; whether everything sucks or everything is a blessing or the blending of both. Just observe without trying to repress, deny or intellectualize. This,  the courage to acknowledge what we feel, is the first step on the journey we have just embarked on; the opportunity over the next few months to transform our relationships for ever.


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