Full Moon, St.Valentine’s Day, And A “Delicacy Of Feeling”

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Happy Full Moon and St. Valentine’s day!

I started writing this blog and half way I realized there was a different thread of meaning that was asking to be written.  So, here it is:

Today is the Aquarius Full Moon where the Sun in Aquarius is opposite the Moon in Leo.  This is the only lunation in the month of February which makes it special as is.

The Moon in Leo is fiery, creative, expressive and the Sun in Aquarius is airy, mental, focuses on the big picture.  Our emotional nature as symbolized by the Moon while expressive in Leo can also be sensitive and feel hurt if someone, for example, responds in a way that feels  diminishing or non-appreciative.  Think of the fierce Lion who steps on a thorn!

At the same time, our personality as symbolized by the Sun, can be such a beam of light  contributing to the greater humanity with the drawback of losing oneself for what the group is demanding. Here by group I include businesses, organizations and institutions.

As is the case when the Leo-Aquarius axis is activated, we are called to bring our focus and awareness first on who we are, what we believe in and what we aspire towards and from that place contribute to the greater whole as unique, resourceful and powerful individuals.

It is about staying true to one’s heart, starting from self-love and respect, (it is Valentine’s Day after all!) and using this as the fuel for how we express, relate and work in the world.  This is a  process  which requires continuous letting go of what has outlived its purpose (Pluto in Capricorn) so that we can embrace whole-heartedly our purpose at this time (Jupiter in Cancer).

The keynote, as described by Dane Rudhyar in Astrological Mandala,  for the Moon in Leo is “Illumination”  and for the Sun in Aquarius is “Delicacy of Feeling.”  I would have thought that they would be the other way around however, the delicacy of feeling here is a tuning in-discerning-letting go. It is about using the feel nature as feedback towards greater integrity and trust in our intuition. The illumination is perhaps a greater understanding of the role we have in our chosen field of endeavor, and how we can best utilize our strengths and wisdom to shine and lead by example.

Alignment with one’s own heart and intuition is by far challenging within a group dynamic, yet the group is the fertile ground for practice. Then, through meditation, reflection and self-study we can more fully know what is ours to do.

It is a rich, meaningful and challenging Full Moon because we are called to love ourselves no matter what, to trust our intuition and to bring our essence in its totality forward. As always, take time over the next few days to pay attention to your insights, dreams, and opportunities that arise in your environment, both within and with out.


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