Movie Review: About Time

About Time (2013)

I wanted to see this movie because I love British movies and the topic of time-traveling. And to be honest,  I did wonder initially why Rachel McAdams was chosen for the main female role, as she already played in a similar one at The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009), but she was very good nevertheless.

Written and directed by Richard Curtis (Notting Hill, Love Actually) About Time is a romantic, drama movie with excellent humor,  loving twists and great appearances from Bill Nighy, Lindsay Duncan, Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson. Plus, the background scenery in Cornwall is gorgeous.

A young man turning 21 learns from his father, that all men in the family are time-travelers.  They can only go back to the past however and not to the future. The father advises him to use this skill for a good cause and the young man exclaims that he wants to find love. Through a series of events and adjustments through time-traveling, Tim and Mary meet and fall in love.

For the most part, the conflict in characters is not between him and her (the couple) but among the sister who always falls for the wrong guys, the father who is sick, the family friend who is an ass, and others. It seems that the couple has such a strong connection and foundation, and through their lenses if you will, we are able to also witness the unfoldment of others’ journey.

It is as much a romantic movie as it is a family drama and a father-son focused dynamic, with all lives being interrelated, in sync and yet growing in their own way.

The happiness formula the father imparts has two steps; the first time is to live life with all its tensions and worries that stop us from noticing how sweet the world can be.  The second time (when you revisit the past) is to live life noticing….

Indeed through their relationship, Tim realizes the greatest message, that “we all are traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is to do our best, and to relish this remarkable ride.”


About Time (2013) IMDb

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