Mercury & Mars: Grounding The Mind In Harmonious Action

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As we prepare for the upcoming Full Moon on the Pisces-Virgo axis, Mercury is in the last degrees of Aquarius ready to enter Pisces once more. As it does so, it also comes for the 3rd time in touch (in a trine aspect) with Mars in Libra.

Mercury represents the mind, our thinking process, how we take in information and what we do with it, how we communicate and express. Mars represents our inner drive and action, our forward movement in the world.

For example, how we take our insights and creative ideas and we package them in such a way so that we may find a new position, meet strategic partners, or join a collaborative effort.

This is an important time for reflection, not only because of the upcoming Full Moon which signals an ending or wrapping-up of some kind, but also because it is the last few days before the beginning of the new astrological year, on March 20th.

There are two steps in the way I have personally been working with these aspects, which I share below:

1) Mercury has been in the sign of Aquarius since January 11th, and due to its retrograde movement it entered Pisces briefly between Jan 31-Feb 11th. It will now re-enter Pisces on March 17th.

With Mercury moving between the elements of water and air, it may bring a dual sense of consciousness.  In Aquarius, an air sign, there may be an extreme busyness and inability to focus. The mind may race, exploring all possibilities and options for this and next lifetime :). Yet, there is a unique quality of inventiveness and resourcefulness.

In Pisces and the water element, Mercury’s energy may become a little more subdued even though highly intuitive. There may be a slowdown in thinking, or taking a while to find the right words for what you want to describe, or being unable to describe what you want to express. Yet, there may be more attunement to a specific creative idea or project, inspiration and an expansion of one’s own field of awareness.  Pisces is powerful in that regard.

So if you keep a journal, go back to the time frame of 1/31-2/11 and notice what was going on, ie activities, thoughts, ideas, projects you were working on. As Mercury re-enters Pisces you may be able to re-assess whether to continue with some of that material, or let it go because it does not work for you any more.

2) Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Libra were in the trine aspect (same as today) on Jan 24th and Feb 16th.  If you go back to those dates, once again notice what was going on. Think of communication, ideas, insights, as well as relational issues of any kind. Remember that with Mars in Libra we are learning how to be in relationship with another (or others), standing in our own truth and what we value most.

Take some time to reflect and to use your insights to charter the path ahead!


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