Three things I love on snowed-in days

SnowVienna-Mar252014©2014 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

It is almost the end of March and the snow continues on the East Coast and Washington DC.  It has been a strange winter with more snow days (and inches) than ever before, making people feel cranky and out of sorts.

This past month I chose to stop complaining, accepting the days we are snowed-in as an enforced time off. And at the same time, I pondered on what is indeed beautiful on those days.  Here are my top 3 things:

1) there is an absolute quietness, as if the snow absorbs all sounds yet, you can hear nature loud and clear, especially birds and squirrels

2) cardinals look exquisite against the white background, making the color red a constant distraction and invitation to playfulness

3) the nights are lighted up; although there is no full moon nor clear sky, there is light everywhere as if the snow has absorbed it all and now it emanates it back to the atmosphere.

It is indeed magical!


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