Stay Centered-Pay Attention-Let Go

Manhattan, NY©2014 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

Stay centered-pay attention-let go are the key phrases for the upcoming week, as we approach the Aries Festival and the Full Moon/Lunar eclipse on Tuesday, April 15.

I don’t know about you but my experience over the last couple of weeks has been one of wonder, irritation, anxiety, impatience, surprise and inspiration.

What I have been hearing and observing around me, and in my travels, has been about surprises, new people and opportunities showing up, while at the same time there is a frantic-ness,  unpredictable behaviors and a certain disconnect or escapism.

I find that those who have the tools to work with the energies presented, tend to focus on the surprises-yes, there are stresses too- but for the most part on the welcoming change with “things/people showing up out of nowhere.”

For those who tend to blow with the wind, the energies sweep them even further away from their center with the result of feeling lost, angry, indecisive.  For most of us,  there is an overall transitory feeling and that things are/will change, even if not certain yet how or in what way.

The Grand Cross (Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Mars in Libra)-its influence we have been working with since January 1st- is not one to be tamed by ordinary questions and actions.  It is a threshold of experience, new and unique for each one of us. And as with every change, there is a period of adjustment that sometimes feels OK and sometimes feels more than overwhelming.

Here is a little more guidance on how you could work with the proposed three steps:

Take your time to stay centered, or ground yourself through whatever works for you, be it nature walks, massages, yoga, gym, love making, journaling, time alone and in silence.

Pay attention to what is happening around and within you; Can you communicate honestly with others and do they listen; Is what you once considered stable and comforting still so; Are opportunities showing up that call for your attention, and are you willing to explore them or is fear of the unknown kicking in; What is it that truly inspires you, what kind of people/places/situations, what do you long for? What is repeating over and over again?

Let go  of what you thought it could be, of whom and what is weighing you down, of what is not joyful and loving, of what is expected of you, of what does not work anymore, both mentally and physically.

I know this last one is easier said than done, however these times are not negotiable-this is your opportunity to establish fertile and fulfilling foundations in all aspects of your life for years to come. The ultimate choice is yours.

Let the upcoming days provide insights and further understanding as to what is next, and be willing to be surprised.


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