Staying in the moment is all there is

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I am not even going to mention the Cardinal Grand Cross today; I feel that I have been focusing and writing so much about it that I will drive myself nuts if I say one more word!

The truth is that we have been working with the same energies since the beginning of the year so in theory any tension or outcomes at the moment shouldn’t be any surprise.

Yet, there may now be more of an urgency and frustration of  “are we there yet?” or “can we please be over with this and move on?” adding other words in the mix for extra emphasis.

Mind you that a) not everything has to be challenging nor b) there has to be a drama involved.

What I have observed nevertheless over the last week, is that there has been a build up of emotional tension which I think is part of the increased sensitivity most of us are experiencing.

It almost feels as an extended Full Moon period that even for folks who pay no attention to astrological phenomena, is felt as a “shitty” day or week.

For the rest of us, perhaps this is the time to go for a walk or take a nice hot bath or unplug from what we “must do” allowing for what we “are inspired to do.”  Not easy, I know…deadlines are fast approaching, bills must be paid, deals must be negotiated…yes, all of these AND a sense of peace and inner alignment must also be retained. I won’t add at all times because that would be impossible, but the intention needs to be cultivated.

We are in defining times and as it was described in the movie I watched “Thor:The Dark World,”  it is the great convergence where all the realms move through each other and there is no separation or veil between dimensions. (very cool movie by the way!)

So hang in there, take care of yourself, be patient and mindful, make love, have fun, reach out to your close friends, and celebrate what is beautiful and fulfilling in this very moment!

Tomorrow is another day!


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