Jupiter & Saturn: Last Call For Mastership

Cannon Beach,OR©2014 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

Memorial weekend in America and we are in the third astrological water trine aspect between Jupiter and Saturn.

Jupiter is currently in the sign of Cancer and Saturn in the sign of Scorpio. It is the last time they both connect in their respective water signs for a long while (a few decades), and to me they bring closure to a  specific cycle of learning experience.

Jupiter is activating whatever it touches, amplifying it, whether it is a positive or challenging quality.  And in a water sign, especially that of Cancer, it renders a greater sensitivity that can drive you out of sorts.

Saturn is more constrictive in that it asks again and again for the mastering of one’s own authority, discipline and wisdom. And in the sign of Scorpio, this mastering process includes more tests and trials.

If you watch “Once Upon A Time” there is a great scene in one of the last episodes where Regina is teaching Emma magik. She takes her out to a suspending bridge which she dismantles, urging Emma to trust herself and her power as she learns how to master, if you will, the situation.  Indeed Emma, the moment we all think she has been crashed in the pointy rocks of the deep gorge below, emerges up in the air fully grounded (literally) into her power!

So let’s track this journey Saturn and Jupiter initiated last Summer 2013.  The week of July 14-20th was their first trine aspect, December 9-14th was their second and now, May 21-27th is their third one. Please note that even if the actual aspect may last 2-3 days, I have found that relevant events may transpire over the entire week or so of that exact aspect.

Take a moment to reflect on what was going on for you last Summer; key points in career, work, finances, intimate/personal/social relationships, any patterns you were working on or blocks you were coming up against. Follow your insights to December and then to the present time.

What has changed, what has been transformed, what is the same, what is indifferent? What (or who) is shouting in your ears and what have you become more in tune with? What have you learned about yourself?

All in all, this learning journey is a powerful one because it is about trusting our intuition, mastering our emotional powerhouse, following our inner guidance as to what is true and what can never be true, being willing to be vulnerable and taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions.

And, with reflection and greater awareness this last call for mastership will enable us to move more fully towards how we want to live and what we want to manifest, at all levels and for the long run.



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