Venus & Saturn: Choosing the path towards light and love

Vienna,VA©2014 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

We are on the eve of the Solar Festival of Gemini and a powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius.

There are multiple astrological aspects coloring simultaneously the skies and our consciousness, and I will focus on the Venus-Saturn opposition.

Saturn in Scorpio (retrograde) prompts us to review and reconsider whom we listen to, if not to our intuition and knowing, whom do we try to imitate and follow, if not our own authority, and how do we choose to live our life, if not by our own values and dreams.

Venus currently in earthly and succulent Taurus brings attention to whom and what we love, whom we want to be around, how our environment nurtures us (or not) and what we choose to do according to our values and self-respect.

With the influence of Chiron in Pisces, there is a reminder of how it feels when we are not in alignment with what is true for us. Or, how it feels when we don’t follow our intuition, or do something because we have to, and “can’t say no.”

Now, I would like to apply these comments to personal relationships, as my favorite song from the movie “Frozen” goes well with the energies at hand.

Everyone is a fixer-upper, love is a powerful tool…it will bring out their best...

Following the thread of the song that no one is perfect and we all need some love to be transformed, Saturn  asks for that transformation to be based on the willingness to explore and commit to that which is deep and vulnerable.  And, if we can swim in the muddy waters of “no one is perfect” (hard concept for some of us 🙂 ), visiting those depths may be the first step towards changing what has been habitual or unconscious thus far (whether thought patterns or ways of relating).

We can then follow Venus more willingly as she reminds us that on the other side of that dark yukky place,  there is light and the promise of what may unfold, the kind of relationship that is built when beauty, truth and presence are the key components.

Chiron may also help us realize what this journey has been about, the lesson(s), and what still needs to eclipse (we are in a Full Moon after all) and let go of so that we can embrace fully what we wish for, at all levels.

This is another threshold in our journey when we have the choice to face our fears  and continue moving towards a fulfilling and authentic life, where nurturing relationships support us both in our personal growth and further contribution to the world.

Take some time to meditate and journal, to reflect on your dreams (sleep and other), and to what you hear and see that captures your attention. Most of all notice where your mind and heart lead you.

Have a great weekend!


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