Home is where your Heart is: Jupiter & The Summer Solstice

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As we start the week leading to the Summer Solstice,  when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer,  Jupiter and his final weeks through Cancer is on my mind.

I have been having lots of conversations over the past few weeks about matters of the heart, and I dedicate this post to my friends with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Cancer. Even though we all have cancerian energy in our natal charts, the individuals I mentioned (yours truly included) have had a little more emotional intensity over this past year.

Jupiter is the great benefactor, enlivening whatever it touches whether for positive or challenging outcomes. It is more gentle than Uranus and yet I have found it to work with as an exact precision even in the most difficult to reach areas. Its purpose is one of bringing mind and heart together and in service to the greater whole.

Jupiter entered the sign of Cancer on June 25, 2013 and it immediately started forming Grand Water Trines with key transformational planets.  I wrote a lot about these trines and their significance of altering the way we feel and communicate those feelings, of becoming aware of emotional attachments that take us away from our center and self-worth, and of learning how to manage our own energy field and trust our intuition.

The esoteric keynote for Cancer is “I build a lighted house and there-in dwell.” Other key concepts are about security, safety, nurturance, what do we consider home, not only inside the dwelling ie whether it is safe, has harmonious colors, ample light, and insulation from heat or cold, but also who are our neighbors, our friends and community.

Taking it to the next level, do we feel nourished, attended to, listened to, taken care-of, acknowledged within our partnerships (at all levels), and the groups we belong to/work with? Do we feel supported in who we are, what we believe in and what we envision our work and purpose to be? Do we feel fulfilled and inspired?

Cancer, similar to Scorpio and Pisces (all 3 water signs), is highly sensitive, intuitive, and psychic. At the same time, if those attributes are not within conscious awareness, they become an obstacle because of susceptibility to  criticism, picking up others’ energy, being swept by mass consciousness, or becoming defensive and disoriented.

Emotional mastery is said to be the most difficult to attain on our Path, and one that requires constant practice, self-study and acceptance.

Take this week to reflect on the year-long journey – acknowledging how far you’ve come – and envision how you want to move forward living in your new self-build lighted house. As Jupiter traces the last degrees of the sign, the Sun enters it to highlight all these insights and desires you have in your heart.

Perhaps there is now more awareness about what you value and want to have more of, so that you feel nurtured, safe, and inspired to take your next step. Or, you are more aware of how it feels when you want to have full control on something (or someone) that is uncontrollable, or when you stay stuck on a concept that has outlived its purpose and leaves you drained and depressed. Or, you are more clear of the kind of people and community you want to live in so that you feel understood and supported to further flourish and bloom.

All in all, this is an opportune time to reflect and choose what you truly consider to be home, where your heart dwells peacefully and joyfully.  ♥


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