Expressing who you are is all there is

Sunflowers©2014 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

A New Moon in Leo with the extra blessing of a once in 13 years interaction with Jupiter, colors our day and weekend.

A new cycle begins, a creative and brave one, which even though the greater world is not supporting at the moment, it is important to remember that we are already been gifted with.

Across from Leo in the zodiacal axis is Aquarius, the sign of humanity at large. We are in challenging times as world events carry an unprecedented degree of violence and death.

Lately I have been challenged  to write from a joyful place because I think of friends who are in agony at this time whether they will be alive or not tomorrow,  and my own struggles lose their strength and lure.

As this new cycle begins with Jupiter’s in Leo influence through next summer, August 2015, we are called to embrace what we love, to follow our heart’s longings without hesitation, and to promise to stay present and grateful in each and every moment. When we can stand in our power and in that place of honesty and true service, then we are best able to support those in need, even if it is through a phone call or email.

Most of us have done  a lot of emotional clearing over the last year, allowing for what is not in alignment with our path to be left behind, and who and what is aligned, to be incorporated more into our values and daily lives. It is from this place that we may now step into the next part of the journey, where we share our creative expression, joy and compassion within our new environment(s).

Take the time over this weekend to reflect on what (and who) truly gives you joy and fulfillment, and what you would like to express and share. How do you feel when you are in your power, fully inspired, and what do you long to do when so?

And, remember to come back to your heart and feel the essence of who you are when uncertainty and fear knock on the door. It takes courage, practice and commitment to be and express who you are!


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