New Moon, Relatedness & Intimacy

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We are in the orb of the New Moon in Virgo, exact on Monday, signaling a new cycle of opportunities  and a new approach to how we nurture ourselves and our relationships.

Virgo is an earth sign bringing the pragmatic essence of what can be materialized in our daily lives so that we feel fulfilled and on purpose.

And with Mars and Saturn joining in the sign of Scorpio at the same time, we get to experience and perhaps choose how do we indeed grow as individuals through the power of our intimate relationships.

Earlier this year, in my article Setting the New Foundation for Fulfilling Relationships, I commented that with Saturn in Scorpio,

…we are prompted to set our own guidelines for how we want to relate. No one can tell you how to love or how to be in a relationship, you have to figure it out for yourself. Saturn is the authority in you, the authentic part in you that continuously attracts the opportunities to help grasp that experience and own it.

Meanwhile with Mars’ tenure in Libra for over 7 months we got to practice what a new approach toward relating looks like, and how we may harmonize our inner and outer life while being in relationship to another.

Mars moved into Scorpio on July 27th, and even though it won’t stay long, I believe it gives us a reality check of how far we may have come.  Consider that Mars symbolizes our forward movement, drive, desire, how we externalize what we long for. In a water sign, and especially Scorpio, there may be more intensity, rawness, feelings of inadequacy or vulnerability, fear of disappointment.  And yet, because of this depth of experience a profound transformation is possible.

A couple of scenarios: you like someone so much so that instead of talking to him/her and showing your interest, you  shut down and/or act like an a-hole, or pretend the other person doesn’t exist. Or, you may go straight-up to him/her, say exactly what you have on your mind and heart, leaving him/her with an open mouth, feeling as if you have stripped naked in front of 10,000 people, yet empowered because you have done all you could and don’t have to imagine, or second-guess what “if” any more.

Mars renders confidence and assertion which may also be perceived as aggression and disrespect, while Saturn renders a sense of responsibility, authority and at times confinement and self-limitation.  Nevertheless, their coming together may give a glimpse or boost an inner sensation of how it truly feels when you are present with your feelings, fears and hopes, while in an intimate partnership which is based on respect and commitment to mutual growth.

Take the time over the next few days to observe how you communicate and relate to yourself and others, at every level. What works for you? What doesn’t? What (and who) inspires you and how do you want to nurture that inspiration? How do you feel with your intimate other, or if you are single, how would you like to feel?

Tune in to that deeper sensation and intend to ground it in outer manifestation as we move through this new season.  Ultimately, the theme at hand is about  owning your reality and what you want to manifest, and living the life you want in your own terms, at all levels.


Understand and explore the opportunities available to you through visionary astrology.

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