Questioning what is true and real, empowers each moment

Divergent (2014)

A couple of weeks ago I watched Divergent. As I haven’t read the books and had no expectations, I liked it a lot. For one, I liked the easiness those tattoos were done, and if there were such painless technology somewhere, I know exactly what I would get :).

The other piece that stayed with me was the way Tris, the main female character, conquered her fears. And that was by asking “is this real?”

When she found herself trapped in a water chamber, reaching out of breath and ready to drown, she questioned if this was true, the thought giving her access to the illusiveness of the container, thus being able to dissolve it and get out.

This, i.e. asking if what she experienced was real, happened over and over again. And by doing so, she was able to pass the qualification tests and do what she needed to do. I won’t give away the movie…

But the concept of illusiveness and how easy it is for the mind to dwell in whatever is exposed to, is a constant reality for most of us. If you watch the news nowadays, there is nothing uplifting but a continuous wave of fear, insecurity, helplessness, hopelessness. I do not undermine the importance and state the world is in, but I want to stress the emotional plane this wave puts most of humanity.

The mind is an incredible source of inspiration and yet, it is malleable and receptive to impressions, others’ thoughts and energies, and the environment we live in.  The more you know yourself the more you are able to manage the ambivalent and questionable input.

You do so through meditation, time alone, reflection, tools that help you practice discernment and rightful choice. Also, through focusing on what gives you joy, nourishment, fulfillment, inspiration, whether through specific activities or people.

Asking the question if this (whatever you experience) is true, is also a great tool and something to play with. Ultimately, I have found that it is all about practice; the attitude one develops, or the state of mind and consciousness, do not just happen overnight. They take long, and at times painful, practice with continuous risk taking, courage and trust in oneself.

Let this question be one of exploration for the next few days and see what comes up, what you learn about yourself.


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