Aligning Your Story With Your Heart

I would like to share today a timely article I wrote for Sibyl Magazine, on the importance of our story. Enjoy!


Aligning your story with your heart

Lately I have become increasingly aware of the power of our “story.” The story we tell ourselves and the world.  At its initial stages this story is a collection of material from our parents, extended family, friends, cultural and social environment.  You may even say that this story is not ours but one that is given to us.

As we go through our own experiences, this initial story gets questioned because our inner compass, our heart, has a hard time living in it. This is when conflicts and crises come up so that we start breaking out of these initial stories, aligning more with what is true for us.

What I have observed is that this story has different expressions and levels as we start living our purpose. For example, it may sound like “there are no good/single men out there,” or “there is so much competition, who will read my blog/book,” or “everyone says the same thing, why is mine any different.”

Although I do recognize these stories and may have told them to myself as well, l do have the experiences that confirm these stories are not accurate.   And it is important to note that as conscious co-creators, what we say, think and do, have an immediate impact both in our lives and the world around us.

I believe that when our “story” stops us from doing our part and sharing our message, we are called to re-assess it.  By paying attention therefore and start re-working who or what defines us, our heart takes over, becoming a barometer of what is true and what is not, and our story transforms into a beacon of light.

So how do we work with the constant refinement of our story? How do we work with what we say to ourselves and the life we create based on that story?

I believe that the more you know yourself through meditation and self-reflection, the more you are able to check in with your heart and what is true. When you feel self doubt or uncertainty, this is another sign to stop and ask for a reality check. And, by being mindful of whom you socialize with, and who your friends and close supporters are.

When you catch yourself telling stories of “lack” or “not enough of” take a moment and reflect on your creative process and what is going on in your life. Are you taking care of yourself, are you content and fulfilled? More often than not there is a direct link.

Lastly, remember that as you change your story, the universe and your experiences will start mirroring the new reality. This is when true magik begins!

Copyright ©2013 Liliane Mavridara. All rights reserved.

Originally featured in SIBYL Magazine: For the Spirit & Soul Of Woman, April-May 2013.

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