Self-worth Is Your Greatest Asset

Starting off a new week and reflecting on a conference I went to about Women’s Leadership, I would like to share the following article. Enjoy!

Self-worth is your greatest asset

The concept of self-worth and what this means for each one of us, is the first prerequisite on the path of personal and spiritual development.

How do you measure your worth? Is it through money and how much you earn? Is it through creativity and artistic expression? Is it through accomplishments, credentials, social status, business success and organizational ranks?  All of the above?

In my work with women, I have found that the concept of self-worth is activated primarily in intimate relationships.  Women are naturally nurturing and want to please and accommodate. In the process of doing so though they tend to overlook their own needs and desires.  There is a sacrificial aspect which in the long run has a boomerang effect on their overall well being.  Whether single, going through unsuccessful dating or business challenges, or married, giving it all to the family, it may take a crisis to shift things around and bring attention back to one’s self.

For me, my focus for many years was on earning the highest degrees and accomplishments in my field. The initials following my name became so many to list on my business card, that I stopped using them all together.  I was measuring my worth by the amount of knowledge I was gathering.

It took several crises to realize that my worth, my self-value was an inside job and that no matter how much education, it all came back to how I perceived myself. How I treated myself was relative to how I was allowing others to treat me; how I valued my time and energy was relative to how I let others take advantage of my time; how much I valued my expertise and uniqueness was relative to how much I gave up my authority and inner guidance to follow others’ opinions and suggestions.

Furthermore, what I have observed across all industries is that no matter how successful a woman may be there is always some doubt as to her own power, decision-making and value. This I believe, is because of the societal conditioning as well as the lack of emphasis on personal development.

Reflecting on your self-worth is the first step to self-empowerment. How do you treat yourself? Do you take care of your needs? Do you express yourself freely at any given situation? How do you talk to yourself? Do you downplay your intelligence or the comments you make? Do you say one thing and immediately shift it to something you think the other(s) would like to hear instead?

Remember that above all, honoring and respecting who you are and what you know in your heart to be true, is the foundation of true worth.

Copyright ©2013 Liliane Mavridara. All rights reserved.

Originally featured in SIBYL Magazine: For the Spirit & Soul Of Woman, August-September 2013.

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