Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Life and Reflection

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We are in the influential zone of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, exact tomorrow October 8th. However, this energy has been building up for a while and it will linger until the Scorpio New Moon/Solar Eclipse on October 23th.

There are a couple of thoughts I would like to share inspired by current conversations:

First of all, when we have an astrological event as a Full Moon or a New Moon, its influence is felt not only on the day of the actual event. It spans over two days before, the day of, and two days after.

When there is an eclipse tied to a New or Full Moon, the energetic build up may be felt a week or weeks before, depending on the sign it occurs in, and its affinity to one’s own natal chart. For example, the current Lunar Eclipse falls on the Aries-Libra axis, so if you have a strong placement of planets in either sign, there may be more intensity,  breakdowns or breakthroughs.

Also, the current eclipse period is influenced by Mercury retrograde who is moving between Libra and Scorpio, between an air and a water sign.  If you have been practicing and experimenting how to work with Mercury retrograde periods, I believe its influence may be felt a little less now than it would have been at other times, because of planets like Uranus that are in the forefront.

Mercury is an energetic influence that everyone should learn how it affects them individually. It is one of those practices like saying “I don’t drink coffee at night because it will keep me up” or “I exercise in the morning because it keeps my juices running.” With Mercury retrograde it may be, “I work on my book cover but won’t publish it for another three weeks until the retro period is over” or “I need to sign these papers now and will review extensively to make sure everything is accurate!”

One way to work with the current Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse energy (and Uranus-Jupiter-Mars) is to go back to last April, perhaps April 14-30th, and reflect on what was going on for you at the time. Any insights, opportunities, events, people that stand out, things that started or concluded at the time. What have you learned about yourself? What have you realized about your immediate environment and intimate/personal relationships? What has changed in your aspirations, goals and wishes? Where do you want go next?

Take time to ponder on these questions between now and the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on October 23rd. It is a great opportunity to stay aware and intent-full with regards to who you want to be around, what you want to create and the kind of life you want to live.  Just make sure you take notes so that you can remember when Mercury goes direct later in the month 🙂


Learn about the unique to you opportunities and how to work with them through visionary astrology.


2 thoughts on “Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Life and Reflection

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  1. Is that what it is? I think I am going lunatic. Went to the doc last week and started to cry, he sent me home for 7 days sick leave. I was doing great, resting, walking the dog and basically doing nothing. I am going back to work tomorrow and I am starting to have panic attack. I will be fine, I know, but this is really where I don’t want to be right now. My heart is in a place where I will be in a year, not here where my body is….Thanks for making everything more clear, it is not all just me! fiouf


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