When Change is Silent

I was reflecting this morning on the space we occupy-consciousness wise-between changing seasons,  eclipses and during transitions. We are in such a place right now, in the middle of a Lunar and a Solar eclipse, and depending on what area is activated in our astrological chart, we will have a different experience.  For me it has been an inward re-adjustment and re-alignment which requires patience and an open mind to whatever is presented.  It is neither easy nor peaceful, and yet it is something that I am welcoming with an open heart.

I would like to share an article I wrote for Sibyl magazine, on the topic of change when it is primarily an inward journey. Enjoy!

When Change is Silent

Change and transformation are an ongoing process.  However it seems that unless if there are visual or measurable results, this change may not be honored.

I can recall conversations I have had where to my friends’ questioning of how things were going, I wouldn’t reply anything more than “everything is Ok.”  I could not explain what was actually going on; i.e. that I was taking my time writing, journaling and reflecting on certain behavioral patterns and habits that had led me to where I was. Externally they were seeing me in a “stagnant” situation when in truth, I was undergoing major internal shifts that had to do with deciding how I want to live my life, where and with whom, and in what capacity.

In my heart I had traveled around the globe and back, but outwardly the ship had never left the port.

In the esoteric teachings we discuss the term “ring-pass-not” which describes a sum of behaviors and patterns, a way of living that is limited by what you perceive as your reality. When you undergo change and through breakthroughs and insights you initiate new behaviors, you expand your ring-pass-not. You take a step further along your evolutionary path.

As your awareness and field of endeavors expand whoever or whatever is not in alignment with this new phase starts falling apart. For example, you may find that activities once regarded as fun are now a waste of time, or friends you used to hang out with may now seem boring and caught up in their bubble.

The main challenge though I have noticed during this time is the emotional roller-coaster. It may be for example that when you don’t have something to “report” you start feeling shame or like being a failure. Then you may get angry and critical while self-doubt crawls in; you become your worst enemy beating up yourself for all the what ifs. You may then either give up and get depressed or realize that this is a much needed process so that you may step into greater self-respect and acceptance of who you are.

This is a big realization in itself and it takes patience, courage and perseverance to stay true to your heart and what is going on.  Sometimes it is a lonely journey, one though that must be honored because it has its own rhythm and timing. Who you want to be must first take shape inwardly before it can visibly manifest in the outer world.

When you notice a silent change taking place, trust and give yourself the space and time needed. Remember that after all, you are the captain of your ship!

Copyright ©2013 Liliane Mavridara. All rights reserved.

Originally featured in SIBYL Magazine: For the Spirit & Soul Of Woman, June-July 2013.

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