New Moon, Solar Eclipse, New Life Signature

Seattle Garden©2014 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

It is quite a day and beginning of a new cycle, and what makes it very unique I think is the signature of the New Moon. That is, Venus is joining both the Sun and the Moon at the 1st degree of Scorpio.

New Moons are about new beginnings and initiations, and it is good to remember that this is not always manifested outwardly.  It is not always about starting a new job or project, although this may be the case, but it is also about new beliefs, new awareness and intentions.

In order to manifest outwardly in a conscious and co-creative way, we have to change our inner landscape which will then shape and re-arrange the outer reality.  This process requires a willingness to stand-up for what we believe in, to trust ourselves, to face our fears, and to be willing to explore uncharted territory.

During this New Moon/Solar Eclipse, the emotional nature and personality come together with an urgency to follow what is true, just and beautiful. To embark on a journey of honesty and respect about our own needs/wants,  eclipsing perhaps the need to compromise so as to please others.

In Scorpio, and especially in the 1st degree, there is an intensity and inner force able to manifest outwardly what we set our intent on. Since the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on October 8th, you may have become aware of certain situations, thoughts, patterns that came to a completion or conclusion.

With Mercury’s retrograde touch on everything relating to our thinking process and communication, perhaps you “got” what was standing in your way to do x, or what was keeping you in a relationship that didn’t fulfill you. Or, you became aware of thinking patterns that worked in the past but have no relevance now.

These are all important pieces we are working with today and over the next few days as the Sun continues to travel with Venus, emphasizing the decision to stay aligned with what gives you joy, with what inspires and takes your breath away, and to trust what you feel and know to be true in your heart.

Neptune is adding his touch on this concept, as a reminder that the distinction between what is real and what is not, is subtle, and it requires a continuous practice, attunement and trust to one’s own inner voice and guidance.  As we sail through the Scorpionic waters over the next thirty days, with the Sun in Scorpio, this reminder will provide a safe haven.

Take the time to reflect where you are in your life at the moment, what do you seek to bring forth, to create, to relate, to manifest? Take count, and then set a new vision of the most fulfilling and nourishing life you wish to experience.

Breathe it all in and then release it to the Universe…it is listening!


Explore the areas this new cycle activates for you through visionary astrology.


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