Fear, Irritation, Worry: The cornerstones of personal growth

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As we move along the week and towards a significant Full Moon on Thursday, I was reminded of three powerful emotions we experience during our journey.

They, besides throwing us off and out of alignment now and then, also give us continuous feedback as to what we need to shift and change so that we live the life we want.

To that end, I would like to share the following article I wrote a little while ago, enjoy!



Fear, Irritation, Worry: The cornerstones of personal growth

As an entrepreneur and a visionary, I often reflect and seek to understand what makes the creative process effortless and beautiful. I believe that we co-create each and every moment through what we say, think and do, and the more aware and conscious we are of this process the greater the effect.

A big part of this co-creation process is the power of our emotions, and the three I will acknowledge here are fear, irritation and worry. Fear relates to the past, irritation to the present and worry to the future.

What is often challenging is that these emotions carry negative charge and are hidden within stereotypes.  For example, if you are afraid, it means you are weak and as a leader you cannot be weak; you have to harden up, to “man-up”. Or, if you worry, it may also mean you are weak because leaders do not worry, they just do it!

We also hear that only by being in the present moment we can co-create what we want. But even in the present moment there is an emotion called irritation. It shows up when we go against what we want or when we do something out of habit instead of a real need.  We constantly change and if we were objectively to look at our habits and choices, we may find that more often than not they keep us in the past.  They do not allow room for expansion and stepping into what is next.

As the soul longs for its unfoldment and the personality tries to keep all things stable, irritation may be a constant factor. Irritation can also be perceived as bitchiness because you may try to be someone you are not, so that you fulfill specific roles. Please keep in mind that these three emotions are not always conscious because even if we have been working on ourselves for a long time, there is always the next level of awareness and acceptance.

What I would propose to do the next time you experience fear, worry or irritation is to pause and inquire what it is about.  Is what you are feeling accurate or is it colored by a past memory or situation? Is it influenced by expectations which prompt you to be, act and think in a way which is not congruent with who you are and what you want?

Worry, irritation and fear are the cornerstones of a fulfilled and purpose driven life because they give us feedback for where we still hold on. They ask us to inquire whether what we experience in the present moment is true, and from that place make a new choice so that we co-create our lives at will.

Copyright ©2013 Liliane Mavridara. All rights reserved.

Originally featured in SIBYL Magazine: For the Spirit & Soul Of Woman, Oct-Nov 2013.

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