Happy New Moon, Happy New Trails

Garden of Remembrance-Dublin©2011 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

From the Greek Mythology and the Labors of Hercules, there have always been two labors that stand out in my awareness; the killing of the Nemean Lion and the slaying of the Lernean Hydra.

Both as a child and as an adult, I have always been fascinated by the symbology of the two stories, and it wasn’t until I started studying the esoteric texts and astrology that I got to understand why.

This evening as I was reflecting on the New Moon in Sagittarius and the shift of energies, from the deep Scorpionic waters to the adventurous trails of Sagittarius, the image of the slayed Hydra came to my mind.

In the Labor, Hercules has traveled to the dark swamps of a foggy terrain where he has been given the task to slay the nine-headed monster that brings terror to the whole area. There is long, hard battle and despair as he tries to kill it by the only means he thinks is possible, ie his weapons. He fights and fights, where he cuts one head two more emerge, creating this monstrous beast that grows stronger and stronger with each blow.

Suddenly, and as he has given up hope, he remembers the words of his teacher telling him, “we rise by kneeling, we conquer by surrendering, we gain by giving up. ” At that moment, he kneels down and picking up the Hydra he raises it to the day light and the fresh air, weakening it from its damp-dark foundation. He then with a swift move cuts off the main “immortal” head. Having conquered this assignment he returns home, with greater courage, strength and discrimination.

As we make this transition with the Sun moving from the sign of Scorpio to the sign of Sagittarius, from water to fire element, we are prompted to review what we have learned the past 30 days, what we have become aware of especially as it relates to our deepest motives, fears and aspirations. There is always learning and growth involved, no matter how effortless or difficult an experience is.

Without the “easy” ones we wouldn’t be able to understand hope and gratitude, nor would we strive to create  the best life for us and those around us.  Without the deep, slimy, shitty waters we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the sunshine and the open horizons ahead of us, where nothing is yet set and everything awaits to be created.  It is a beautiful thing and that’s where we are heading today.

Happy New Moon, Happy New Trails!


Explore the areas this new cycle activates for you through visionary astrology.


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