Reflecting On Saturn’s Journey Through Scorpio

Seattle©2014 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

We are in a the midst of a powerful week which started on Sunday with the New Moon and the Solstice while Uranus went direct, yesterday Saturn shifted from Scorpio to Sagittarius, and tomorrow it is Christmas.

The challenging aspect of these energetic/astrological shifts is that they are happening during a charged time of the year, when there is a lot of stress and angst to do everything one thinks must do before Christmas.

The uplifting aspect is that these influences will be felt, whether it is through night dreams or certain realizations.

I would like to focus on Saturn as it is one of my favorite planets, and one that prompts us to become our own teacher, authority and expert no matter what. It throws us all kinds of experiences and lessons so that we may grow in consciousness, become more aware, own our uniqueness and use it to effect greater change.

Depending on your age and its placement in your natal chart, Saturn’s transit during a specific sign will have a certain impact on your life experiences.  And the beautiful thing with astrology is that it gives us a frame of reference that we can use, to learn more about ourselves through observation and reflection.

So a way to look at Saturn’s transit through Scorpio, is to consider that you started a work-exchange program at a retreat center in October 2012 which you just completed on Dec 23, 2014. What did you learn about yourself? What were some of the ongoing conversations? What activities took place and which ones did you attend? What went wrong, what went brilliantly, what was unexpected? How do you feel now that you are leaving, starting a new chapter?

This level of awareness will inform the choices you make as we move forward in the next few months. Saturn in Scorpio was intense, at least for me, with profound challenges and opportunities.  Its transit covered the base of my chart (the IC), as I embarked on this journey with a BIG vision and a cross-country move to Washington, DC.

Everything we learn builds the next steps on our path, and I believe that Scorpio is very adept in supporting us in that regard. After all, it is the sign of tests and trials with its soul mantra “Warrior Am I, and from the battle I emerge triumphant.”

Take some time this week to reflect on your journey of the past couple of years, as we emerge from the deep muggy waters out into the sunny, colorful fields, ready to gallop (in the fiery sign of Sagittarius) toward new horizons.

I will be writing more about this next opportunity cycle of Saturn through Sagittarius that will take us to December 2017.

Happy Holidays!

Explore the areas this new cycle activates for you through visionary astrology.




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