New Moon in Aquarius: Re-assesing your soul’s work

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We are in the midst of a powerful New Moon in the first degree of Aquarius. A new cycle is beginning during which we will have the opportunity to re-assess what we long for in our work, the change we want to effect and with whom we want to collaborate.

Aquarius is an air sign whose focus is on humanity, its esoteric mantra “Waters of Life Am I pour forth for thirsty wo/men.”

Yes, Aquarius is not a water sign as it is often thought because of its depiction, but the bearer pours forth what is contained within the vessels he holds, which is knowledge and wisdom.

The opposite sign to Aquarius is Leo, and in order to understand the dynamics of each sign it is useful to also look at its opposite. So in Leo, one individuates; we learn who we are, our gifts, talents, challenges and traits to transform. With that self-knowledge we can then join our chosen group and share these gifts, thus making a difference both as an individual and as an essential player in the greater collaborative.

In order for a group (of any size) to function harmoniously and according to right human relations, its members must be on the same page, ie individuals must be in tune both with  themselves and with how they can better support their group, and they must be aware that their group will in turn contribute to the greater whole, and humanity.

In this New Moon we are stepping in this powerful energy, where we are prompted to both examine who we are and how we want to make a difference, and to find the best group that will support our vision.

Venus and Mercury are our companions, and as Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius, our thinking mind-how we process, perceive and communicate-is given the opportunity over the next three weeks, to tune in and help us discern how we want to move forward.

Mars is close to Neptune, both in Pisces, which I see as the extra support and action-driven inquiry on how to best use our soul work for everlasting change and fulfillment.

Remember that as we support our group(s), we must also feel that we are supported. It is always a two-way relationship, and if we are not feeling nurtured and acknowledged in our contribution soon we may start feeling resentful and discontent. This is part of the process of learning to discern and choose how we want to navigate the waters ahead.

Use this new cycle to reflect on your work, at whatever form and level this is, and how you envision it carrying you forward into a new level of fulfillment and service.

Reflect on your associations, friends, groups and communities you want to be a part of, and note that as we change in consciousness these will also have to change to accommodate our expansion.  In this regard, Aquarius’s trait of emotional detachment will help us make the right decisions, so that we can fulfill our part in the greater Plan.

Have a great one!


Explore the areas this new cycle activates for you, through visionary astrology.


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