Full Moon in Leo: Thinking with the Heart-Feeling with the Mind

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Happy Full Moon! We are in the midst of the Full Moon energy influenced by the axis of Leo and Aquarius.

The Moon in Leo captures the sensitivity or “hurt feelings” when not recognized or appreciated, whereas the Sun in Aquarius captures the brightness and individual light within the great group.

The opposition of the two at the moment, is highlighting the need of letting go (or surrendering to) what feels hurtful whether it is perceived as such or objectively felt, embracing what feels truly nurturing.  At the same time,  letting go of being in environments (groups) just because you must or have to, embracing the encounters and connections that feel truly nurturing.

Leo is fire, bringing attention to the heart center and to what feels inspirational and fulfilling whereas Aquarius is air, wanting to make sense of things logically, ignoring what the heart longs for.  At the same time though, this emotional detachment allows for more objectivity and rising above the emotional sea so as to choose wisely.

As with every full moon cycle there is a sense of completion and understanding, and what I would like to point out is that this completion/conclusion/wrapping up, does not have to be something major, nor dramatic. Sometimes a shift in consciousness because of understanding a behavioral pattern that was running your life and your response to it, is enough.

With the added influence from Mercury retrograde also in Aquarius,  there is a lot to be said about the mind, how we think and perceive the world around us, and how we communicate this inner world outwardly. The expression “my mind plays tricks on me” is one to remember for the next couple of weeks and as Mercury turns direct and retraces its course.

Lastly, it is important to pay attention to sudden insights, ideas and dreams as Uranus is also involved  in this current full moon energy, with the purpose to awaken in us what is unique, meaningful and purposeful.

Take some time for reflection today and over the next couple of days and journal about your dreams and thoughts, as well as events that draw your attention.  Notice how your logical mind responds and what you intuitively feel is true.

Both sides can live harmoniously in our awareness, they always do, but the practice is about learning to discern which runs the show and under what circumstance, so that you can ultimately think with your heart and feel with your mind.

Have a great one!


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