Reflecting On What Is Global Citizenship

The theme of global citizenship has been on my mind over the last few weeks because of certain topics I have been writing about. Last night watching the documentary I Am A Girl, I was reminded that the greatest blindfold we as humans face, is the ignorance of what is happening beyond our back yard.

As an individual who at times have felt cursed for not setting roots in a particular city and yet, with a tremendous blessing of innate curiosity and genuine interest in the human psyche, I have had the privilege of living in many diverse communities, defined not only by geography but also by cultural outlook and mindset.

I remember after college creating my first resume-you had to include hobbies/interests at the time-and my one line was “traveling, learning new languages and cultures.” I have surely stayed true to that and I can appreciate now its importance and purpose.

What I have come to realize is that geography is not always the issue, especially nowadays with all the media and internet plethora of information, it is as if you live in the entire planet earth, everywhere, at the same time.  Which, a) it is extremely overwhelming, b) it stresses the importance of the main limitation resting with the mind and cultural input, c) even though we (in America) have the privilege of glimpsing in the reality of interconnectedness, we don’t usually get what that means, and d) reminds that most of the developing world is still imprisoned within its own isolated geographical boundaries, and lack of resources.

It is not always a matter of being able to access the internet and watch the news or what is happening in a faraway land. It is a matter of  what you do with this information. Just hearing that there is an issue of water supply in Bolivia doesn’t do much unless if you stop, for example, taking two baths a day wasting gallons of water, creating in this way an awareness within yourself that perhaps this is one step towards helping conserve water. Even though I am using a faraway country to illustrate the point, the same exact principle may apply to the drought in California versus the abundant rain and snow on the East Coast.

The question always remains what can I do to help? Perhaps it is not only about dancing a rain prayer but also about changing what you as an individual does on a day to day living with regards to water. That small shift in awareness creates countless ripples across the world, and initiates a new cycle of understanding of what a healthy water supply and quality means to the health of humans, and further sustenance of the global ecosystem.

There are numerous topics I can touch upon which demonstrate the inter-connectedness/ accountability/dependence of all peoples, and give rise to the global citizenship concept as a frame for education, conscious participation and leadership.  But for now…let me bask in this one!

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