Venus and Mars; it’s not only about romance

If you have seen photos of Mars and Venus approaching each other, and the Moon, these past couple of days you may have noticed how beautiful this sight was.

Mars and Venus do interact through different aspects every year but because of their different orbit speed – Venus takes about 12 months to go around the zodiac whereas Mars takes about two years – their coming together in such a close proximity is more rare.  And no matter what the astrological aspect, when they do interact there is always conversation about relationships and blooming romance.

What I would like to touch upon though is that Venus and Mars joining, is not only about sex and romance.

Venus represents our values, self-respect, what we cherish in life, our higher mind and perception, not only of the seen but also of the unseen. As an archetypal energy she is a sensual, embodied presence who knows what she wants and how to get it. Initially she may try to seduce by what comes easy to her, i.e. her beauty, but eventually she comes to realize she has to employ other talents which develop as she gets to know herself.

In the Ageless Wisdom, Venus represents the higher mind, the bridge which connects the soul with the personality.  Ephemeral satisfaction is replaced by a need for deeper meaning and connection, which stems from trusting her intuition, respecting her self and body, knowing what she needs and wants, and seeking beauty in all she thinks, feels and acts upon.

Mars represents our forward motion, what we do with what we know, and what we do with what we impulsively feel like doing, is the one-pointed focus that takes us straight to our goal.

Perhaps because I grew up with the myths of the 12 Olympian gods and are part of my consciousness, I have a visual of Mars, in the form of Achilles, fully dressed up in the battlefield. Fierce, courageous, gorgeous, fighting for what he believes in and yet, with his faults and humane sensitivities.

These two planets come together today in the first degree of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, initiating indeed a new cycle of awareness and growth. The last couple of times they joined together was in September of 2008 (in Libra) and October of 1997 (in Sagittarius).

Perhaps you have an idea what was going on around those times in your life.  Nevertheless, as we embrace those two energetic forces and we become aware of what they represent, we can then reflect on how we want to use this new cycle.

Romance and love become more meaningful when the balance of male-female energies is within us, when we know who we are, what we long for, what we want and need.  And, when we also know what fuels us in our daily living, the kind of work that excites us, what our path and purpose is, and how we want to feel supported and in partnership with another (whether intimate, personal, or business).

It is about embracing who we are, tuning in to our intuition and inner guidance, asserting what we will, making a difference in the process.

So take time over the next few days as Venus and Mars keep close to each other, to journal your thoughts, to pay attention to your dreams and signs/coincidences you observe around you. It is a fascinating journey, enjoy it!


Explore the areas this new cycle activates for you through visionary astrology.

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