Reflecting on Martian energy and the past two years’ empowering journey

L' Hermione, docked in Alexandria,VA©2015 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

Mars is moving into the sign of Cancer today. The last time it crossed over the Cancer zero-point (for simplicity let’s regard this point as a powerful instigator of energy shifts) was on July 13th 2013, the Summer of the Grand Water Trines on which I wrote extensively back then.***

We have been through a unique two-year cycle, wrapping it up now and ready to enter a new one. And I would like to review a few things or concepts to aid this recap of experiences,  lessons learned and insights gained from my reflection.

Mars represents our innate power, oomph, desire, motive, action and forward movement. This inner force is both conscious and unconscious. Conscious when for example,  we deliberately take steps to further a goal, and unconscious when we do something without second thought.

Mars is intense, I do not necessarily like to use the word aggressive because every planetary energy carries this quality to one extent or another, and it does express differently.

The bottom line is that without Martian energy we can hardly achieve anything or move forward on our path, there is no inspiration!. At the same time, when this forward expression is halted or suppressed it creates inner turmoil, irritation and depression.

Mars is a fire sign, so when fire is turned inward instead of outwardly releasing, it may create excess heat in the body-mind connection, with symptoms ranging from constipation and skin rashes to insomnia and depression.

Personally I know I am tapping in this energy when I am inspired about something, or when I write or teach, I feel my body warm and my mind in timelessness. Also when I experience being at the right place, at the right time, this inner sense of alignment fuels me. And when I cannot do what I want to do, when my forward action is halted, then I get irritable, have headaches, migraines, etc.

Each planet being an energetic whole system, influences our energetic make-up and physical substance and the challenge is, I believe, how to become more aware of this and consciously co-work with the direction rather than unconsciously let it dis-orient us.

In the Summer of 2013, Mars initiated a new cycle which was focused on emotional assertion and action. Mars in Cancer is like putting fire in water…water puts out the fire.  For example, fear (water) puts out the fire of a desire or a longing. It is a tricky combination and one we can work with,  if we consider that this under water fire opens up a part of us which is vulnerable and perhaps we didn’t know existed, one though which can drive us forward in a new, more meaningful and nurturing way.

At the time this cycle begun, Saturn was in early Scorpio, Jupiter in early Cancer and Neptune in early Pisces, all water signs underlying the themes of self-knowledge and authenticity, trust in the invisible realm and guidance, and a deeper connection to our emotions, needs and inner drives. Themes that we were to experience like never before in the months ahead.

I believe that this cycle completing now prepared us in more than one way, helping us tap into and perhaps embody more the qualities of inner strength, knowing and trust in who we are and what we want, and the wisdom of our emotional foundation.

Take the time to reflect on this journey and what has been the learning for you, and in which areas of your life i.e. in personal relationships, intimacy and sex, work, groups and community involvement, as well as inner work like attachments and patterns you became aware of, that are now more integrated and allow you to move forward in a fulfilling and empowered way.

For me it feels as if  these past two years were another lifetime all together, and I look forward to the energetic  shift and putting in action who I have become because of this journey 🙂

Enjoy your week!


***The postings below refer to the  Grand Water Trine themes during the Summer of 2013.

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