Friday Reflection: Full Moon and Venus back in Leo

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There is a lot to reflect on this week with the current astrological traffic.

Looking at the chart of this Full Moon on the Aquarius/Leo axis, I can’t help but notice over and over again the asteroid Eros right next to the Sun. Eros has been in close proximity to the Sun since May 2015 and the message I am getting is about the “resurgence within oneself to reach for what is held deeply in one’s heart.”

This message has been getting different influences with the Sun traveling through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and now Leo, building a stronger core.

Some key concepts that have been added to it are about what we consider beauty/beautiful, what are our personal values and how do we define our self-worth, how important is connection and communication, what is nurturing and comforting, what brings joy, is fulfilling and makes a difference.

Adding to this, Venus’ retrograde cycle from Virgo to Leo, and Jupiter in the last degrees of Leo, there is a lot of fire and a call for greater attunement to what is truly rewarding, meaningful and makes one’s heart sing.

Another theme that keeps coming up is the importance of a “no-list” attitude which I would relate to Uranus’ influence. This list can be a day-specific series of tasks, or a list of  traits/qualities you are looking for in your ideal mate, or a list of goals for the year. There is a sense of yes, it is good to have structure and a map to navigate life and yet, this map may get soaked from the rain at any minute. What would you rely on if this was to happen?

There must be another way of navigation, perhaps an inner one which is more accurate, and apt to adjust and adapt as needed. One that is fueled by intuition, knowing and inspiration. One that is and has been supporting you all along.

Take some time over the weekend to be quiet, meditate, walk out in nature or journal.

Have fun, and Happy Full Moon!


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