All things Sagg, Full Moon and the brilliant journey we are on

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We are in the eve of the Gemini Full Moon, and what keeps getting my attention is the story unfolding through the interaction of the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune.

The story starts on Nov 17th with the Sun and Mercury coming together in the last degrees of Libra. Then Mercury moves into Sagittarius Nov 20th followed by the Sun on Nov 22nd. Mercury comes together with Saturn on Nov 24th followed by the Sun coming together with Saturn on Nov 29th.

We can definitely add the influence of Neptune in this scenario, as Mercury squares Neptune today, followed by the Sun squaring Neptune on Nov 29th. Saturn and Neptune square each other on Nov 26th.

If you like equations and logistical sequences, the above information makes for a perfect result of something. Of something that equals something else, or that may lead eventually to something else.

Having Neptune however in this equation,  it almost cancels everything out because the outcome may not be immediately clear, or it may require for the mind to be on a specific level of reception (intuitive) to get what this may be all about.

In my attempt-as a true Gemini-to follow and understand this story, I am reflecting on the following guideposts:

Sun represents the self, our essence and the brilliance we radiate in the world. Mercury represents the way we conceive, perceive, express and communicate with this world. The two coming together in the last degrees of Libra, a sign that aims to bring harmony in how we relate (inwardly/outwardly), brings a nuance of resolve and/or of insight as to how we do in that regard.  In that bi-directional relating, I also include the relation to our environment, our work, our interests and what nurtures us.

Both planets move from an air sign to a fiery one.  Sagittarius as a representative of the centaur energy, blends the primal and humane substances; the intellect with the intuitive primordial nature which depending on our level of self-awareness, can bring us to a clearer or a cloudier understanding.  Sagg is also the spiritual seeker who instigates and embarks on journeys that bring mind expansion, greater knowledge and wisdom.

Saturn is already in Sagg and if we consider Saturn to be the ultimate lesson bringer “until you accept who you are, your unique essence and what you are here to do” and in an expansive, adventure seeking sign, the potential is quite intriguing.

Sun and Mercury conjunct Saturn. It is as if they want to partake in what Saturn is instigating, or perhaps looked from a different angle, they each get a tap on the shoulder from Saturn prompting an inner assessment. An initial recognition of how far we have come in our journey of being and acting in the world (Sun), and our perception of circumstances, challenges and opportunities.

With Neptune in the picture things may get more transpersonal and abstract. Neptune in Pisces, its home sign, is a marvelous energy if one remains present, aware and takes one step at a time. If one can remain still long enough to smell the roses, and appreciate the beauty, natural rhythm and right timing in all that exists. Because of that inner and mystical attention, Neptune can create illusion and delusion while at the same time produce profound, and uniquely beautiful, creative expression of any kind.

Squares are opportunities to assess what we do, how we do it, what we can adjust and do differently. You may also replace “do” with “think, feel and believe.” It can also be a time we experience extreme frustration and as if we are hitting against a wall.

Sun and Mercury square Neptune. Following the previous comment of them coming together with Saturn, here Neptune asks us to reflect on how far we have come in our trust of invisible guidance, our gut feeling, our inspirations, ideals and wishes.  Perhaps how aware we are of being on a spiritual path and the humanity that needs to develop within each one of us, so that we may radiate more peace and love to (and in) this world.

In addition to this developing story, we have a beautiful Gemini Full Moon which brings a higher perspective, perhaps an ability to understand what this journey is about, and how we can use the authoritative, self-empowering energy of Saturn together with the Neptunian inspirational aspiration, to become indeed who we want to see in this world.

If you want to follow this unfoldment, take some time to journal your experience during this two-week time frame (11/16-11/30), what you intuit, what ideas come to you, what decisions you make, what kind of experiences and people show-up in your life and what they trigger for you.

Enjoy the process!


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