New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Swimming in peace or in fear?

Carnival 2016, Athens, Greece©2016 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.
Carnival 2016, Athens, Greece©2016 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

Soaking in the New Moon-Solar Eclipse in Pisces energy today, I was wondering what would be useful to focus on. It is a complex and full of opportunities lunation yet with intensity and stress.

The one thing that calls to me is the aspect of fear. There is something to be said about the sense of fear in that whether it makes sense or not, it is a haunting feeling; one that paralyzes its victim and leaves no room for rationalization or a way out.

Also, there is something to be said about feeling the fear of others’ versus being aware of your own. This is a very important distinction because in the realm of Pisces, the emotional sea is one and the same. There is no distinction between what is mine and what is theirs, and unless if you have a strong center, you run the danger of swimming deep and even drowning.

Said in another way, there is a felt difference between fear as in False-Evidence-Appearing-Real, and the fear generated in the 1st and 2nd chakras which is primal and instinctual. Also, fear can be clothed and expressed through irritation, bad mood, anxiety, anger.

There is a stellium of planets in the sign of Pisces right now, and one of the unique aspects in this year’s configuration, is that Jupiter is exactly opposite the Sun and the Moon. So on one hand we may experience a blissful state, or a sense of openness and optimism, while on the other we may feel critical about this. An example would be a statement like “I shouldn’t be feeling so content and good with my life when others are on the streets, in the cold and they don’t know what is coming tomorrow.”

Even though Jupiter is a beneficent planet, because it is in Virgo at the moment, it may give a more controlled and measured sense to happiness and fulfillment.  There could be a feeling of guilt and pessimism, while at the same time a feeling of so much compassion that you melt in the image of a crying baby.

With such a prominent Piscean energy, it is much easier to feel into everything; to feel into others, to feel into a situation, to feel into the unseen. To even feel into things that are part of the past but which are threaded into the mass consciousness’ etheric web, and are karmically brought into the present to be cleared and transformed.

This is a little more tricky and it requires again to bring oneself back to center, or to pause long enough so as to catch yourself before you are lost and you don’t know what is yours and what is not.

It is about putting more effort on being present and in the moment.

It is also an opportunity to practice discernment and be able to know when you are caught in drama which is not yours, and when your insecurities and fear are valid feedback to where you are heading.

Chiron, also in Pisces,  is definitely putting his magik touch so that we may become more confident in our intuitive hits and honor our wisdom.

All in all it is a beautiful lunation that requires self-awareness, patience and compassion. We are also in the space between two eclipses,  until the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd, which is a fruitful and full of insights time no matter what.


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