The three challenges of being a conscious writer who challenges herself

Being in a different environment and country, usually takes a while for me to get into a routine, whatever that may be. Perhaps a perpetual jet lag hovers over my mind on purpose for a while, helping me to let go of how I was and being open to how I could be.

The challenge more often than not is to let this process of “in-between,” play out as it needs to, instead of fighting it because i.e. ” I should be working on my book or writing about x,” etc.

Lately it seems that I do that often, being triggered in that way, which takes a while each time to acknowledge the familiar pattern. Thank goodness, it becomes less and less time-consuming 🙂

As a seeker of personal growth and mental stimulation, I can also get trapped in routines and environments that stifle this process. I am one of those writers who don’t write by sitting home alone waiting for the inspiration to strike. This actually kills my creative process.

I thrive by being exposed to different experiences, through people interactions, beautiful environments, nourishing things, which in turn awake certain parts of my psyche that seek expression through writing. Whether this writing expresses through prose, poetry, essays, or blogging is irrelevant.

Lastly, because I see things the way I do and have the experiences I do, many times I keep my writings for my eyes alone which is fine, but on the other hand because I also teach and mentor, this information may indeed make a difference.

This is the way someone can get to know my perspective and choose if s/he wants to work and collaborate with me. And most importantly, this is the way I play my part in influencing mass consciousness so that it is transformed in a way to effect social change, harmony, and right human relations.

Changing my blog host over the last few days and its outlook, reminded me of how long I have been blogging and the topics that I mostly write about. Using the tools of “Categories” and “tags” was a magnificent way to see what is the underlying message and common thread in my observations and reflections over the past seven years.

This process was empowering enough to get me back on the train of sharing.

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