When a picture is a thousand words

Sometimes I laugh at life’s moments in a cynical way, especially moments that follow conversations on personal development and consciousness.

One of these moments is today, in a busy neighborhood in Athens, where there are many stray cats that are taken care by a few committed individuals, who go beyond their financial and energy reserves to make sure these cats are fed, immunized, neutered and nursed back to life.

It is early morning. A female cat is calling out, walking up and down the street for hours.

This cat has had recently five kittens which she brought to a sheltered area in front of the adjacent building, an area that is a well-known feeding spot. Because of several intrusions, i.e. dogs walking off-leash, kids playing nearby, the cat had moved the kittens a couple of times back and forth to another close-by area.

However, since the previous evening she has been walking around with no kittens following her, just calling out.

In the time that follows and through conversations between my Mom, who is the Master-cat-taker, and a couple of ladies who walk around the neighborhood and know the animal-scene, further observations are made. An additional cat family has disappeared, along with another adult neutered cat and a teenage one.

The news are soon intercepted by finding the teenage cat killed  further down the street.

It is kind of gruesome but when you live in a city with many strays, both cats and dogs, after a while you can tell whether the animal has been hit by a car, by a human-held weapon or has been poisoned.

Killed Cat-Athens, GR@©2016 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

The dead cat is hit by a such weapon. Within a  short while one of the five kittens is also found, brutally hit by a stone. The rest of the population is missing.  The female cat keeps calling out.

So what does consciousness and personal development have to do with this?

It is one thing to hate animals and execute mass killings by poisoning them. You put somewhere the poison, you don’t interact with the animals, a cleaning crew comes and picks them up and that’s that.

It has happened in the past.

But to hold a kitten and stone it to death, this is something entirely different. This is the kind of brutality that makes me question human nature.

Respect for life is respect for life. Knowing that people around me are capable of doing that in cold heart, makes me very uneasy.  Knowing that these people are going out on night excursions with the goal of brutally killing animals, makes me very angry.

And knowing that these individuals are of relatively young age who take their frustration out in this way, makes me wonder what kind of families do they grow in.  This makes me very sad.

So I keep on keeping on, seeking for and communing with those individuals who aim to bring light into the world through their daily living.  Not that they are Saints or Bodhisattvas, or even perfect humans. Neither am I.

But to seek to live in a conscious way that respects life and right human relationships, and aspires to effect mindset shift and cultural change, even if in little, minuscule ways, can be a path more of us will choose.

It’s a long adventure and every one of us counts ❤

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