What sewing my pullover taught me

This morning I decided to mend a pullover I had with a small hole, something I had been postponing for a long while. It was one of those things I “could not” make the time for.

Well, today it was the day and this small, inconsequential act brought me some insights.

For starters, trying to thread the needle reminded me that this is always the most stressful part of mending or sewing by hand. Once you get passed that stage when you either stick with it or abandon the whole thing throwing the f-needle away, the rest is pure joy.

But isn’t this the case for any project we undertake? There is always either a learning curve or an immediate challenge, even if only our mindset, that we need to stick with. And if we don’t, then we know how the rest of the story unfolds.

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But then, how many people still sew by hand? At least in US, because I know the answer for other parts of the world. And how many people choose to just throw away a pair of socks with a tiny hole instead of taking five minutes to mend the hole? Or even donate for that matter, having someone else do the mending, instead of throwing it away all together.

Sure, you can argue “I have better things to do with my time.” I get it, I agree.

Still, there is something to be said about engaging in certain activities from the old ways of living, that engage our brain in a different way. Just holding the needle and the material, using all fingers (instead of only the two currently exercised full-time by  at least 80% of the population while using their phones) creates different electrical connections in our brain.

Let alone the inner calmness the mind finds, a meditative state, through this action. Individuals who do gardening or knit, may have that experience.

Then I thought about time and how we value it, in what ways. The time that I take to sew my pullover may not bring me money or keep me as informed on what others are sharing on Facebook, but it sure gives me a sense of accomplishment, of creativity-because I love using my hands and creating stuff-and of an inner calmness and retreat from other routines.

That little space between daily routines, allows for a fresh breath of consciousness to flow in my mind and give me a different perspective. And that is something of immeasurable value.

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