Transform Each Moment By Consciously Participating In It

If love was underlying the happenings of our times,  and influenced how we breathe, think, and act in our daily living, how would you feel different? How would you choose to participate in the unfolding of your journey?

#LiveBrightlyThePath quotes©2017 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

This morning I was in memory-land of different times and places, browsing through photos from my extended travels in UK. What drew my attention were some photos from downtown Brighton while sitting at a Cafe for my lunch.

A border collie mix that seemed to be hanging out, came and sat by my feet. It was such a beautiful moment of feeling chosen because from all the people who were entering the cafe or were sitting at the tables, she came straight to and sat with me.

Brighton, UK ©2017 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.It was very sweet. I stopped what I was doing and started petting her. She made me think how effortless life is when I am in the moment, how good it feels to be present with no worries, no fears, no concerns.

Because none of these exist when you are present with what is in the moment, and which is hard not to be when you are engaging with an animal, when s/he requests your full attention.

Yes, you can also let go and space out while you are petting it, but I think there is an immense benefit to stay present as well, mainly to your mental and emotional health 🙂

Brighton, UK ©2017 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.I was grateful for those few minutes, whatever the time span was, that she helped me ground in the moment and appreciate the fullness of heart when receiving unconditional love.

She soon returned to her owner who was sitting outside, and I continued my day with a different perspective.

Let this week start with the opening question and reflection, and notice how your life unfolds.

Feel free to save the motivational quote as well for your daily reference, share with your friends, and post your comments below.

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