Snow Storm, Full Moon and Self-Awareness

I came out of my meditation this morning overhearing the news of the upcoming winter snow blizzard, the thousand of flights ready to be cancelled at JFK, and the hundreds of thousands of people already affected by the “worse so far storm of this season.”

Good morning! Happy Monday! I thought to myself, let’s get some balancing thoughts and emotions in here before overwhelm settles in. I made a wonderful breakfast, brewed my tea and prepared lunch to take along.

I walked almost three miles in a relatively beautiful weather, exclaiming at how busy Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods were, with lines of cars waiting to get into the parking lot. It felt surreal, perhaps because I was already in a different mind space.

I thought, we are living in DC where blizzards happen, we get snowed-in, what is so different now, why do people get so panicked about it? It is not that they were not out on Saturday doing their shopping anyway, so what changes in their psychology that creates this visceral fear which leads to an automatic reaction, swarming the stores to empty the shelves as if we are in Siberia or in the middle of nowhere. If you think about it, it is insane.

Mass consciousness while is the easiest to influence, it is the hardest one to work with unless if you use coercive and fearful language. You will get much more traction and panic by saying there will be a snow storm for two days, than by inviting people to a “million laughter parade” in downtown DC. It is as if people don’t want to feel pain and discomfort but yet, they do not embrace joy as readily either.

#LiveBrightlyThePath quotes©2017 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.Emerging from A Full Moon on the Virgo-Pisces axis can instigate such reflections.

Virgo is very healing and nurturing yet it can become overly critical, absorbed in a strong mindset and squeeze the joy out of everything. Pisces is very healing and nurturing as well, yet in its expansiveness it can become moody, overwhelmed by the sorrows of the world, and attempt to escape them through mind-altering substances.

It is a beautiful, highly creative but challenging juxtaposition, and with the Sun coming together with Chiron also in Pisces, there are some questions to ponder:

What does joy mean to you? How do you find or experience it? How do you handle (or not) depression, emotional pain, lack of joy and excitement? Or, how comfortable are you with any of these emotions? Do you entertain and lift yourself up when you feel down or do you expect others to do that for you? Do you let yourself  feel sad or melancholic, or do you consider it “bad” and instead you’d rather have a glass of wine and forget about it? Do you let yourself enjoy company and a walk in nature or do you regard this time as procrastination for not doing whatever else you have to do?

There is no right or wrong answer. All feedback is information leading to greater self-awareness.  Besides, we are working within the energetics of a larger consciousness influence that the above questions are part of, which will take us through the end of May.

We are called to become more aware of how we choose greater beauty in our thoughts, words,  and actions; how we choose the people we commune with and our environment; how we value ourselves, our time, energy and what we bring forth; how we take responsibility for our life in a different way from the past.

I am in for the ride! Have a wonderful week ❤

Explore the areas in your life that this new cycle activates through visionary astrology. Use your strengths and self-knowledge to increase your fulfillment, success, and impact in your greater community and the world.




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