Each breath brings newness in the heart

#LiveBrightlyThePath-quotes©2017 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved.

Our breath is what bring us within, to our heart, and in our body. Breathing is the main function that can change brain waves, slow down the heart and alter body’s physiology.

We are used in regarding it insignificant, or taken for granted, because we do it without thinking about it. No matter what, we will breathe.

However, when we breathe consciously, when we direct our breath to flow-in and out purposefully, we also change our awareness and how we see reality at the moment.

We are able to better manage stress and our reaction-response mechanism. We are better equipped to be a cause rather than an effect.

Let the week start with this reflection and practice of paying attention to your breath, pausing at regular intervals throughout the day to consciously savor the air you breathe in, and re-center in your heart.

Have a great one!

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